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GIFS are one such exciting way of communication and has become more popular. The thought behind these GIFS is typically to pass on a message in short time with a moment enthusiasm from the users.
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The Best GIF Maker Apps on Smartphones Article Submission Directory
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andreausa on Monday, July 16, 2018, 01:06:20, 2 Yaers Ago, Comments [1]
The Best GIF Maker Apps on Smartphones

The Best GIF Maker Apps on Smartphones


Since the technology in online networking is improving, the way of communication between the people and expressing themselves is also changing. People use various kinds of emoji to express their feelings. We can say that people depend on pictorial than words, so creation of different types of emojis  or images are becoming important.

GIFS are one such exciting way of communication and has become more popular. The thought behind these GIFS is typically to pass on a message in short time with a moment enthusiasm from the users. These GIFS are very easy to make using various apps. Here are the list of GIFS creator apps for your smart phone:

Camera MX:

Camera MX is a popular and free mobile app. It works on Android phones for photo and video editing. It has many features for taking picture, editing and adding tones of effects, filter, frames and more. Discover Live Shots, real-time effects and the helpful media manager. GIF goes by live shot and work for basic GIF creation.

Footej Camera:

Footej Camera is an app used for camera and for GIFS animation of high resolution. It has separate focus and metering areas, built in gallery. You can take more than 20 pictures in a series with less than 500 milliseconds of interval.

GIF Maker and Editor:

Using this app it is very easy to create GIF from video and multi images. It can create clear, smooth animated GIFS with small size files and can share that to friends via various apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and many other apps.

Giphy Cam

Giphy Cam is one of the best and new GIF creating app. Using this, camera records a short segment of video, that you can change the tons of filter, special effect, text and more. It doesn’t have any features but provides better GIFS than other.

Motion Still:

Motion still GIF maker app is provided by Google. This app has two modes those are: The first shoots a short bit of video and you can turn it into a GIF from there. The second mode allows you to shoot slow motion video and you can share as videos. Google updated this app with adding of augmented reality (AR), this app allows you capture GIFs and record videos with AR stickers then you can share these on social media networking sites.


Tumblr iMessage app is GIF maker app, now you can create GIF in both iPhone and Android platform because Tumblr come up with this tool. Most of the users don’t believe that Tumblr provides GIF maker service, of course this is one of the top app as social media channels to post, share and read stuffs from other Tumblr users.

Google Me, Google Allo and some other chat app:

Some messaging apps itself have a GIF creator. For example GroupMe and Google Allo. These aren't great for GIF creation. In GroupMe we can't create GIF but, is especially good for adding quick, clean text to existing images and GIFs, this app will remake it for you. In Google Allo we can shoots a few seconds of video and it can be sent to friends in GIF format.

These are some list of GIF creating app, by using this you can create attractive and interesting GIFS and share with your friends.

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