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Today’s world number of mobile user is greater than the number of desktop users. Mobile usage tremendously jumped up when smartphones entered the mobile world.
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Why Mobile Apps are better than Mobile Websites Article Submission Directory
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jacobcarl on Friday, September 16, 2016, 05:31:15, 4 Months Ago, Comments [0]
Why Mobile Apps are better than Mobile Websites

Why Mobile Apps are better than Mobile Websites

Why Mobile Apps are better than Mobile Websites

Today’s world number of mobile user is greater than the number of desktop users. Mobile usage tremendously jumped up when smartphones entered the mobile world. Through website or mobile application, companies can increase business. A mobile application development could be a better tool to help bring in more clients than a website. Mobile application are more convenient to hand and use. In today’s tech friendly environment, there are lots of mobile application development companies who develop mobile applications.

There are various other reasons, too, that you should go for a mobile app:

Faster – Mobile App Are Instantly Available

Mobile Apps can be faster than a website. No need of CSS, as well as HTML and JavaScript codes. All an app designed as native UI elements, which display required information exactly the consumer needs. According to expert it is said that 42% to load faster than a website.  UI controls is easier to handle in Android application development platform as well iPhone application platform.

Better Use of Mobile Device Features

Now a days every smartphone have features like camera, contact list, GPS, phone calls, accelerometer, compass, etc. using features, within an app, can make app more interactive and fun. Features like camera can help to fill online banking app forms and attach the photos. Compared website it will be time consuming.

Ability to Work Offline

Main difference between mobile website and mobile app is ability to work offline. app require internet connectivity to perform most of the task but can still work offline. For example banking mobile app user can calculate tax and keep track of expenditures.

Users Spend More Time on Apps

Survey say that 86% of user spend time on mobile apps and just 14% on mobile websites. It is said that mobile app usage has rising by 21% in 2016 from 2015. Mobile app can instant response to your requirement at any point.

Easy usability and designing.

With advance technology advancement in web designing, still mobile websites rely and lack in some features like refresh button and back work. Mobile app can have interesting function like gestures tap, swipe, pinch and hold. User can hold and drop to next page.

Both mobile app and mobile website can be help in developing your business. Choose between two channels, based on the budget and business requirement .Mobile app can offer more efficiency and many exclusive features.   

Want to develop a mobile app for better business?

If yes, FuGenX will help you. FuGenX Technologies is one of the award-winning mobile application development companies India. With an exceptional performance in Android application development, FuGenX has become one of the most popular Android application development companies India. Delivered more than 1000+ apps. FuGenX has helped India’s largest online grocery store Big Basket to become bigger.


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