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If you have to create apps for Android, you have to go through the Android app development process. But has Android turned better than iOS now?
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sofiacoppol on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 01:13:26, 3 Yaers Ago, Comments [0]

If you have to create apps for Android, you have to go through the Android app development process. But has Android turned better than iOS now? This is the one big question every business owner has in their mind nowadays.

For the businesses which need answer that whether Android is better than iOS or not, let me reveal to them all that Android users do already have more than 2.2 million of apps on Google Play store which means it is the first choice of app developers. The OS runs in more than 85% of smartphones all over the world which means it is also the first choice of users. The Google’s mobile OS leads at these fronts and also, now iOS developers have got the inspiration that how providing their apps for free like Android developers can help them generate more revenue.

There are many other things making Android a better OS than iOS such as:

Better UI

Unlike iPhone OS, Android’s user interface has completed evolved since Google has launched it. With each new release of the OS, new features are added to make it more innovative and elegant. Indeed, these traits are transferred to the apps too. Take the example of Android’s three primary buttons for back, menu and multitasking respectively. These buttons provide users the better hold of OS’s UI during the multitasking. The same convenient isn’t available in iPhone.

Processor speed

Android devices do already have quad core / octa core processors while Apple has recently updated iPhone’s processor chip from dual core to quad core. With more cores in processor, a device is able to handle minutest details of the apps. This is an additional help to bulky apps. 

Google services

All Google services -- from mail to cloud to search engine to map to everything else -- are perfectly optimized to run on Android via apps. Also there are a number of APIs provided by Google. Android developers can integrate these APIs to their apps.

Android app development

Android app development has also turned easier with a number of professional developers engaged in the global software industry. They are able to provide high quality Android app development services to diverse industry verticals. From entertainment to education and from gaming to enterprise computing, Android apps can be created for any requirement clients come with.

Global acceptance

I have already mentioned above that Android is world’s leading OS with 85 percent of share in smartphone market but now the OS also leads the global tablet market with nearly 60 percent of share. So an app implemented on this platform has enough chances of surviving.

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  • sofiacoppol

    3 Yaers Ago, Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 01:13:26

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