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There are several advantages of using slip covers for furniture pieces. Slip covers for furniture items are made of heavy duty fabrics that are easily washable.
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The Different Uses Of Furniture Slip Covers Article Submission Directory
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The Different Uses Of Furniture Slip Covers

The Different Uses Of Furniture Slip Covers

The Different Uses Of Furniture Slip Covers

There are several advantages of using slip covers for furniture pieces. Slip covers for furniture items are made of heavy duty fabrics that are easily washable. These need to be designed to fit the furniture items. The slipcovers can be made for straight back chairs, arm chairs, recliners, love seats or sofas. The covers are designed in a way that they can be easily slipped onto a furniture item. There are several benefits of using slip covers for furniture items.

Protecting Upholstery

The main benefit of slip covers is to protect the original upholstery of furniture items. Even though the upholstery of furniture pieces is made of fabric materials, these are usually sewn on or an intrinsic part of the furniture which make them difficult to remove and clean. In order to ensure that the original upholstery is maintained for long and the original look is preserved, it is best that one looks at furniture covers South Africa.

Changing Look And Feel

The other benefit is changing the look of the furniture pieces more often. As furniture items are expensive purchases, you would probably be stuck with a sofa set or a dining table set for a lifetime. However, we soon get bored of the same upholstery color and designs of these sets. Even though there is furniture exchange schemes and sales held at home and lifestyle stores, these still involve a lot of work and spending. An easier option is to look at furniture covers south Africa. You could look at the different designs available as well as different fabrics. The choices are several and you can get several options within a certain budget range. Many stores sell ready-made slipcovers while others offer tailor who can create the custom pieces for the customers at their homes.

Ease Of Cleaning

Ease of use and cleaning is the other aspect due to which many look at seat covers South Africa. These are made with zipped closures or the covers could be fitted with Velcro closures. Due to these designs, the seat covers South Africa of the slip cover kind can be easily removed, washed and then put back on the furniture pieces. However, it is necessary to ensure that the design of the slip covers is done in the right way that the covers fit the furniture items as well. Often, elastics are put at the edges or zips put on the sides to ensure that the fit is snug.

Throws And Other Options

There are cheaper options for covers for furniture like throwing. These are akin to large and heavy blankets that are thrown over the sofas and chairs. For keeping furniture items covered and to protect them from dust and dirt accumulation, the throws work well. However, if you intend to sit on the furniture pieces, a throw might look decorative but will provide discomfort to the users. One can also look at throws and runners for decorative purposes, but slip covers would be more functional.


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