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Cover It was founded and is run by 3 Capetonians, passionate about the outdoors. In a country blessed by beautiful weather resulting in a considerable amount of time spent outdoors, we tend to invest heavily in our home outdoor space.

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Drop Down Patio Blinds and Seat Covers in South Africa You’ve got to give credits to South Africa for its beautiful and so natural climate all-year-round. The atmosphere will give a lot of energy to your body and infinite amount of purity to mind. Whether you go to the countryside or walk down the streets in cities, you will get one thing common, which is the beautiful weather. Everything is so natural and so enticing that you will fall in love with this country at the first sight. Needless to say, the amazing patio experience would give you so much pleasure....
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Protect Your Patio Furniture Set with Drop Side Patio Blinds What could be a better time for you than sitting on your patio, surrounded by the all natural greenery, along with your family and cute pet enjoying hot coffee in the sunny South African weather? Yes, when you are in a country like South Africa, you are bound to feel your natural best as nature has been bountiful to this land. South Africans are always very decorative and are believed to have got a natural sense and ability to create a cool design out of nothing. So, what if there you have a set of attractive....
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Guide To Choosing The Right Car Seat Covers
Guide To Choosing The Right Car Seat Covers If you are an owner of a car, then car seat covers are absolutely imperative for you. The car seats need to put up with a lot of abuse. Yes, from stinky sweaty people, to puckish drunken adults, to pet hair, to snacking kids, to friction, weather anomalies, dirt, dust and stains. Your car seats have to go through a lot on an everyday basis, which is why they tend to look much worn out and old in a matter of time, which calls for added expenditure for refurbishing the seats. As one rightly said, precaution....
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The Different Uses Of Furniture Slip Covers There are several advantages of using slip covers for furniture pieces. Slip covers for furniture items are made of heavy duty fabrics that are easily washable. These need to be designed to fit the furniture items. The slipcovers can be made for straight back chairs, arm chairs, recliners, love seats or sofas. The covers are designed in a way that they can be easily slipped onto a furniture item. There are several benefits of using slip covers for furniture items. Protecting Upholstery The main....
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Getting Choices In Home Accessories Are you planning to redesign your living room area? This is the space that is seen mostly by outsiders and people use it to sit back and relax as well as to entertain guests. Hence, if you wish to make this space look proper and unique, here are some ways to redecorate a living space in a minimal budget.   Creating An Accent Wall How about coloring a certain wall section a vibrant color? Most of us use pale shades on our walls to create a brightening effect in a room. For adding glamor and elegance,....
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