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How to make friends over social Communities? Article Submission Directory
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alvinpark on Thursday, April 28, 2016, 08:28:39, 4 Yaers Ago, Comments [1]
How to make friends over social Communities?

How to make friends over social Communities?

How to make friends over social Communities?

Social media is the one of the active media in today’s era. Everybody is using social networking sites and everyone knows what’s happening in the world.Today every individual knew about the latest happenings around the world.Mass media gives you the news after the day it happened but social media provides you online media streaming.Sometimes we also gets the live video streaming about the latest trending news.Social media has changed the way of living lifestyle of people.

A child usually thinks that where would he be if not here? What if he was never actually born? And existentialists see it as what if even when we are here, we may not be here? Or we may not be just anywhere? The question leaves you shrugging but no matter what, it still needs to be addressed. What if the man that you and I see in the mirror never existed? What if the world we live in, is as unrealistic as the world behind the mirror? Or what if there is actually a world behind the mirror?? Existentialists believe that 'the world is nothing, of course, but our conception of it.

Therefore, it is believed largely by existentialists that how a man defines himself is entirely irrespective of how he actually is. At some point, everything came out of nothing and probably since everything has its existence attributed to nothingness; it is itself nothing else but nothing. Hence, at some point existence is nothing and nothing actually exists.

You couldn't even wonder how it was that a world came into existence, rather than nothingness. It didn't make sense; the World was everywhere, in front, behind. There had been nothing before it. Nothing. There had never been a moment in which it could not have existed. That was what worried me: of course there was no reason for this flowing larva to exist. But it was impossible for it not to exist.

Existentialism is further categorized into its various aspects of which 'The Absurd' is the one dealing with existential crisis. The notion represents the idea that there is no actual meaning of anything and no reality except what man names reality and defines as existent. Everything that we say we can feel may not be actually felt, because what is feeling but our definition of it.


I agree with your tips and now a days once connect with social media after then we should treat like a best friend...the social media will give updating information always...finally the way you think really impressive...thanks for sharing with us..
3 Yaers Ago via DesignersAndYou   Thursday, December 22, 2016  

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  • alvinpark

    4 Yaers Ago, Thursday, April 28, 2016, 08:28:39

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