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Impact of 'Visuals' in Advertisements We usually find images, photos in paper/ magazines/ advertisements/ posters/ pamphlets etc. Our attention is caught by that picture and many times we feel that we should read that article. So the images or photos are very important part of advertisements. The advertisers think of the idea for  their ads first, then start a whole process to develop that idea in such a way that it gets conveyed to their customers aptly. The main purpose of using these images in any advertisement is to enhance the full....
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Stock photos – an extension of your ideas and a mode to achieve creative goals We see numerable photos or images in papers, magazines, advertisements, presentations, projects etc. These all photos are stock photos. These are high resolution photos and are not charged any royalty. The skilled and expert photographers shoot many photos keeping in mind the various requirements and uses. Since these photos do not have royalty fees, they can be purchased once and used number of times. This important feature attracts professionals, students, common person to these photos and their demand is....
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