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Top 10 Designer Saree Trend 2018 Article Submission Directory
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textilebuzz on Saturday, September 15, 2018, 06:39:28, 2 Yaers Ago, Comments [0]

Top 10 Designer Saree Trend 2018


Saadi is always loved by most people. Indian festivals and rituals are always the occasions of wearing saris and without being completely incomplete. Serious grace, elegance, and womanhood - a rare combination for any outfit. Saree weaving in every part or region of India is unique to that region. Imagery, diversity which gives it, as the weights of each region differ, as the saree is covered. Kangivaram, Banaras, Tussar, Gadwals, Jammanias, giving some names with amazing color combinations and handwork, diversity and creativity on offer are astounding!

Indian art and indigenous designs and craft are coming back, such as mammals, kalamkari or patichitra etc. Many of the world's finest handwears, handlooms and craftsmanship are appreciated. Now this artwork is being customized by designers and especially those made of wearable art made on handwas saris. This designer sari definitely makes an extremely eye-catching statement piece. For example, artwork art design is extremely popular and versatile and can be made both on cotton and silk sarees. The myth, nature design and motifs in the artistic design are called this season's story to enhance the artistic saris on the Paloo Designs, where the story only starts the border and it spreads to the remaining saris as a narrative, certainly a conversation starter for some occasion.

Wedding bells and other coolest events come in next spring. A wedding can never be perfect without occasional ornaments on display! Bright colors such as limestone green, turquoise blue and pink-like pastels, beautiful wool-bound lavender are in this season, colors like red, yellow, and greens are always selected in the wedding.

Kagisaram Pattu or Kanchipuram silks come with modern designs and methods, which are worn as daily wear or corporate wear. Partially Pallu saris where the design is different in saddle pallu and half and half sari designs are very expensive - after this season. Bold nature-inspired systems with animals like horses, elephants, deer, peacocks and leaves and flowers also tend to tend to this season.

Hand embroidery work on silk sari and delicate rug is a pleasure for saris. In this season, two or more techniques of this season join hand-drawn art and cut embroidery, or umbrella embroidery, to provide a contrast with the printed blouse on the entire sari. The idea is to create a creative mix and match, which is not less than wonderful!


Half and a half sari are especially angry with today's youth - a mix of color or design that comes in every half sari. In addition to the colors, in half and half saris, rare compounds such as printed or hand-drawn design are on a part of the sari, where embroidery or cuttings are used on the pallu. This concept is very popular on Kangriram Silks. This trend is to integrate and bring two unique design techniques to one sari.

Check out the designer beauty, head of The S Studio, the latest season's trends for all your sari needs. Designer Wedding Saree boutique offers customized handmade designer sarees, quartz and stunning range of material at affordable prices. This boutique also offers custom tethering of blues to match saris. The S Studio Collection is available online as well as free shipping and international status pricing within India.

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    2 Yaers Ago, Saturday, September 15, 2018, 06:39:28

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