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The answer to all your above questions and queries is Careprost – an ophthalmic drug recommended by eye experts for growing natural eyelashes without any damaging side effects. Careprost or Generic Latisse is a low-cost version of branded Latisse
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genericwellness on Monday, May 28, 2018, 23:19:18, 2 Yaers Ago, Comments [0]

You are smart, educated, social, earn good, live independently, enjoy life but there is just one thing that your closed ones may have dared to put across to you and that is your unkempt and ugly looking eyelashes! Even your mirror may have confirmed this comment on your skimpy lashes! But what do you do to address this sticky issue? Use extra coat of mascara? Put on painful and damaging eyelash extensions? Is there a long term and safe solution to this issue? Something which doesn’t burn your pocket and which has minimum or no side effects!

The answer to all your above questions and queries is Careprost – an ophthalmic drug recommended by eye experts for growing natural eyelashes without any damaging side effects. Careprost or Generic Latisse is a low-cost version of branded Latisse which is expensive. The generic version of Lattise has the same main ingredient Bimatoprost 0.03% which effectively stimulates hair follicles of eyelashes bringing them in growth phase (Anaphase) for a longer period time giving you longer, thicker and darker lashes. The drug therapy is easy and safe for your eyes and delicate skin surrounding them. After Careprost therapy you can flaunt your extra long, thick and dark eyelashes before your colleagues and peers and get that most elusive attention without much fuss. With doctor’s prescription you can log on to Generic Wellness and order your stock of Careprost online!

Careprost comes from a reputed pharmaceutical company from India – Ajanta Pharma that boasts of many popular brands of medicines under its name. These medicines are exported in bulk outside India and have earned the company rich patronage and revenue in foreign currency. Thus your eyelashes are in safe hands once you start with Careprost therapy to grow eyelashes!

Careprost comes along with a set of sterile disposable applicators which are used for applying the drug to your lashes with required precision. Choose bedtime (at night time) to apply Latisse as it offers ample scope for the drug to settle on the roots of your lashes without any contamination from dust and wind. You begin by removing off mascara and facial make-up from your facial skin and eyes. Take a single applicator and dip it in the drop of Latisse (taken on a clean dry surface or in the cap of the drug) and gently apply over the roots of upper lashes only. Use different applicator for each eye to avoid any type of infection in your eyes. Please note that the drug is for external use only and avoid smudging it around on facial skin to get best results. Make sure to remove your contact lens before applying Careprost to your lashes as it can permanently discolour and damage them. Continue this process for 16 weeks regularly and observe the magical transformation of your eyelashes. Latisse also called Lumigan is also used to treat glaucoma – an eye condition in which the intraocular pressure is increased due to blockage of Aqueous Humour (natural fluid) inside the eye. Do not panic in case the drug reaches inside your eyes as it is quite safe.

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