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For those looking for something calmer, there are a lot of wonderful spots to walk and watch natural life.
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6 Amazing Weekend Getaways from Pune Article Submission Directory
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Ashish999 on Thursday, February 22, 2018, 06:43:34, 7 Months Ago, Comments [0]

Pune happens to be one of the most youthful urban areas in India. With youth comes the enthusiasm to work and fever to party hard. Also, an end of the week trip from Pune offers something for everyone. For those looking for an adrenalin surge, Pune offers experience water sports aplenty in beautiful environs.

Enterprise searchers can likewise take in another game on their next excursion, for example, paragliding, stream skiing, wilderness boating, or dolphin riding, to give some examples. For those looking for something calmer, there are a lot of wonderful spots to walk and watch natural life. The best season to visit is amid storm season and the months that take after, in light of the fact that the water is at its pinnacle and the landscape at its lushest and greenest. Some astounding spots for weekend getaway are:

Shaniwar Wada Palace

Everyone has seen BajiraoMastani so Shaniwarwada isn't new to your ears.A noticeable historical point of interest in Pune is Shaniwarwada. It is a magnificent fortification built during the season of the Peshwas of the Maratha Empire. Shaniwarwada was the focal point of Indian legislative issues in the eighteenth century. It was a seven storied capital working of the Peshwas. The walls showed works of art portraying the Hindu legends. Just go visit it once and be the Peshwa for a day.

Bedse Caves

Bedse caves are situated on the old Mumbai Pune expressway and is only 40km from the city of Pune. The most fascinating and gutsy piece of achieving these second century Buddhist hollows is moving through the 400 stages of stairs interfacing it. The climb takes one through rich green vegetation – it's sheer enjoyment for the eyes. Likewise, these hollows are worked in a way that they are obvious just from the best. At the point when here you can likewise appreciate Excursion, photography, scene photography, and picnics

TulsiBaug Market

TulsiBaug is an acclaimed, packed zone in Pune city that is energetic with local people and also visitors who come to shop in the city and visit the temple situated here. If in look for some shopping go visit this place. The notable temple area is the real fascination however the market is an unavoidable piece of it. The market is where an expansive number of individuals come each day with a specific end goal to shop or simply walk around.


Lonavala is well known for Hill Stations, Forts, Caves, Temples, Lakes, Gardens. Set amidst a sensational scene involving verdant mountains and waterfalls, these mainstream slope stations will without a doubt enamor you. It is the most gone to put close Pune coz it's only 67 km from the city say what an hour drive. Though Lonavala has truck full of things to do, but if you want to make the most of your one-day picnic visit Della Adventure! It is India's biggest experience stop in Lonavala.

The Della Park comprises of more than 70 adrenaline pumping adventure activities and the royal gems in that crown incorporate the Rocket Ejector, Zip line, Swoop Swing, ATV ride, Dirt Bikes and Zorbing to give some examples. They also have exercises like Tiny Bumper water crafts, Dart Boards, Dog Walk make fun factor as well as upgrade the confidence in you. They have two multi-food eateries, one vegan eatery, a 24hour bistro, a mouth-watering pastry kitchen and Camp Della their restrictive contemporary extravagance resort with a spa, salon, recreation center and swimming pool. Lavish greenery and beautiful perspectives anticipate for you.


This place is well known for its white sand shorelines and completely clear waters, Tarkarli is a decent pick in the event that you are occupied with water-games, for example, Banana Ride, Kayaking, Jet Ski, and scuba jumping. Tarkarli is only 388 km far from the city. It is additionally among the most prominent end of the week escapes close Pune. The region is a secured hold for marine life, so all around kept up that you can see amphibian animals till 20 feet beneath water. Moreover, Tarkarli is acclaimed for doing things like Snorkeling, zorbing, boating, remote ocean jumping, hang coasting, parasailing, swimming, journey to the strongholds, and drifting. 


At around 50 kilometers from the fundamental city, Kamshet is an advantageous 60 minutes’ drive. The uneven landscape is sprawling with lakes and thick woods, making for an extremely pleasant escape. In case you're an enterprise addict, there's bounty to keep you possessed, from paragliding and give in visits to drifting outings. Kamshet is specked with chronicled destinations and sanctuaries as well, so there's a lot of touring to be done here.

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