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Eye experts or Opthalmologists use Tanometry procedure to measure or determine the intraocular pressure or IOP in the eye. These tanometers are calibrated so that you measure the pressure in millimetres of mercury (mmHg).
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GraceZoey on Friday, February 9, 2018, 00:05:38, 7 Months Ago, Comments [0]

Buy BimatoprostEye experts or Opthalmologists use Tanometry procedure to measure or determine the intraocular pressure or IOP in the eye. These tanometers are calibrated so that you measure the pressure in millimetres of mercury (mmHg). Suspect glaucoma candidates go through this procedure of Tanometry to measure their IOP and take adequate measures to keep it within safe limits. Buy Bimatoprost online is one of the most reliable ways recommended by eye experts to keep your eyes safe from glaucoma.

Goldmann applanation tanometry is the most widely accepted as gold standard IOP Test. It is a complete non-invasive method and the results achieved are very close to precise. The tanometer head with prism is placed against cornea and a certain force is applied to it. The higher intraocular pressure makes it harder to push the tanometer head or plunger over the cornea. The force applied over the plunger is measured using calibrated scale. This is how corneal rigidity is measured which in turn determines the IOP of the person.

Once the accurate IOP is determined it is easy to put the person on a suitable dose of medicine Bimatoprost to keep him away from the attack of glaucoma. As they say prevention is better than cure, it is crucial for all glaucoma suspects and those above the age of 40 to periodically undergo a test to check their IOP level.

Any specific level of higher IOP does not necessarily lead to glaucoma, similarly no specific level of lower IOP makes a person immune to the attack of glaucoma. Therefore periodic diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma using Bimatoprost is a key to preventing complete vision loss.

Stay safe from glaucoma attack

After periodic diagnosis of IOP and taking expert’s advice, a fixed dose of Bimatoprost will certainly keep you away from the menace of glaucoma. The generic latisse effectively clears the blockages in the way of Aqueus Humor to drain out of the eye without any hassle. This helps in keeping IOP of the person under safer limit as long as the medicine is administered regularly.

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