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Using Bimatoprost, a drug used to reduce intraocular pressure in glaucoma, will help you gain those beautiful eyelashes you always wanted. Patients and doctors using bimatoprost for glaucoma treatment noticed that the eyelashes had become thicker, darker and longer after 2 months of regular use of the ophthalmic solution. Should you use bimatoprost or should you opt for natural remedies? Bimatoprost is a prescription drug and must be used only after you consult a doctor because it can have some side....
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Flutter your eyelashes and you will cause hearts to flutter. That is the power of the eyelash. Girls put on artificial eyelashes to achieve this effect. Celebrities and film stars have used it to good effect. However, not every girl is blessed with naturally long eyelashes. Putting on artificial eyelashes can be a bore. What is the remedy? The answer lies in the use of bimatoprost, commonly sold under the brand name Latisse. Latisse is actually bimatoprost used to treat glaucoma . Regular use controls....
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