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Ramzan Ushers in Food Festival for Die Hard Mughlai Foodies at Some of the Top Restaurants in Mumbai Mumbai has a sizeable Muslim population and there are specific areas like Bohri Mohalla, which few people know about and where the tavas are forever sizzling and tandoors crackling and emitting aromas that entice you to sample scrumptuous foods after sundown. This is the month of Ramadan or Ramzan as they call it here and this is when iftari packs are now becoming popular in some of the best restaurants in Mumbai . You can get a variety of Bohra, Mughlai, Surti, Moradabadi, North Indian style and even irani....
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Find Genuine Top Restaurants in Mumbai with the Best Food and Best Services Dining out is one of the pleasurable activities that give you a respite from the routine of life. Dining out in Mumbai is by no means cheap, especially if you considering sampling some of the finest cuisines at the top restaurants in Mumbai. It can become even more expensive if you are throwing a party for your family or friends. A meal for two can set you back by about Rs. 3000 on an average at some of the best restaurants in Mumbai so you can well imagine the cost for hosting a group of friends. Of one thing....
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