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Anxiety is an extreme state of worry, uneasiness, fear resulting from an anticipation of an event (realistic or imaginary).It is physiological, psychological, and emotional state that results due to unrealistic behaviour.
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sophieHU on Wednesday, November 29, 2017, 04:29:41, 2 Months Ago, Comments [0]

Anxiety is an extreme state of worry, uneasiness, fear resulting from an anticipation of an event (realistic or imaginary).It is physiological, psychological, and emotional state that results due to unrealistic behaviour.

Anxiety is not a disease, it develops due to the person’s approach towards his mind, allowing it to surrender to worries and dwelling on troubles.

Symptoms of anxiety

An anxious nature of a person is responsible for the person getting into anxiety. If you experience fear or uncertainty or extremely worried about unrealistic event then, you could be in danger for this disorder.

Look out for the following symptoms of anxiety

  • Ø Panic attacks
  • Ø palpitations
  • Ø trembling
  • Ø sweating
  • Ø nausea
  • Ø extreme worry
  • Ø nervousness , tensed
  • Ø afraid of danger
  • Ø insomnia
  • Ø Gastrointestinal problems like diarrhoea, gas, constipation and bloating.

Types of anxiety-

  1. Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) - This disorder makes the person worry mostly about everything whether it’s real or unrealistic.
  2. Social phobia- This condition makes the person conscious, fear of being judged or embarrassed.
  3. Specific phobia- Here the person becomes phobiac of a specific thing, place, event or situation.
  4. Post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) - this disorder occurs, due to the persons experiences of a disaster or devastating circumstances.
  5. Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) - this happen due to obsessive thoughts of a person and the fear which leads to anxiety.
  6. Panic Disorder- a person who is anxious about everything sometimes has panic attacks, constantly thinking about what would happen in situations, panic attacks is combined with symptoms like breathlessness, chest pain, sweating and dizziness.

Music Therapy Relieves Anxiety

Music therapy has been used widely to cure many illnesses or mental disorders, anxiety being one of them. . Music is a natural form of treatment for anxiety relief.  It is agreed by many experts that music therapy by professionals, aids in managing anxiety by giving calming effect on mind and relaxes all the senses.

Music being a combination of harmony,pitch,tempo and dynamics is considered to have a profound impact on our brain, making us more alert, triggering us to use our power to think, understand ,respond ,and feel .

Music Being a strong influence on our emotions ,has the power to increase neurochemicals including endorphins(chemicals that triggers brain to help us feel good) ,regulate motor functions and controls emotional functions, increases concentration, motivates patients to come out of anxiety by making them socially communicable, be more focused and  think in the right direction.

Music therapist choose musical instruments, several music styles of relaxing quality, according to the patient’s severity of illness. The sessions may involve interaction between patient and the therapist or may be conducted in groups. During the sessions the therapist picks up soothing piece and plays , allowing the patients to freely visualize images of serenity, joy, sadness and use all their senses of touch, sight and feel to release their pent up emotions of joy, sadness, compassion, loneliness etc. helping the patient to unleash all the negative thoughts which has been worrying them, resulting in anxiety.

Music therapy focusses on improvement of person’s various aspects of emotions and well-being.

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